Dragonfly and Celtic knot

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This man got this Celtic knot tattoo on his wrist after buying his wife the exact same
Celtic knot as a bracelet charm for Christmas.

His wife, who was Irish and Scottish, was diagnosed with cancer in June 2015.

The Celtic knot represents strength and he describes his wife, Shannon,
as “right from the time she got diagnosed, always positive.”

When she died, he chose to get a memorial tattoo on his shoulder
“so it’s like Shannon’s on my shoulder.”

He chose a dragonfly because his mother-in-law printed out a story for him
about how dragonflies carry angels on their backs.

“So when you see a dragonfly they have brought an angel to you.”

When speaking of the pain of the tattoo and its connection to grief, he reported
“In a way I wanted it to hurt more because it doesn’t matter how much it hurts;
it’s nothing compared to what she was going through.”