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These tattoos celebrate the life of this mother’s son.

He had many tattoos and wanted his mother to get one, but she refused.
After he died at the age of 18, she got several in his honour.

The tattoo on her leg depicts warm weather, palm trees and beaches in paradise.

“There is a beach with two palm trees, a taller one and a shorter one, with me overlooking him;
it’s basically me watching over him in paradise.”

The tattoos are on the left side of her body because the son was left-handed.

“I tilt my legs when I’m sitting, so that I can see it.
And I keep it moisturized all the time. Every day.
It’s like my aspect of keeping care of him, because I can’t do it physically anymore…
it’s all I have… I still love it.”

“A kid is your flesh and your blood. You grew them, you raised them, you taught them, and losing them is like someone ripping out half your heart and taking your arm off, and you can’t ever get it back, ever.”

“My final words at the funeral home for Everett was that
he came into this world unexpectedly and he left the same way.”

“I don’t think you ever totally cope, or accept [the death]; what you do is learn to hide it better.”